FakeIDworld.com online shop regulations

These Regulations specify the terms and conditions of using the Online Shop available at FakeIDworld.com.

Before placing an order for any products of this online shop you are obliged to carefully become acquainted with content of the Regulations.
By making a purchase of any Seller’s/Entrepreneur’s Products presented on the website, The Buyer is obliged to accept the Regulations, and by doing so The provisions of the Regulations become binding for the Buyer and the order can be placed.


§ 1.

The Online Shop, which goes by the name of FakeIDworld, offers the products advertised on FakeIDworld.com website and handles the retail sale of the aforementioned products.

§ 2.

The terms mentioned in the Regulations stand for:

  1. Client/Buyer – natural person, corporate entity or organizational entity who is not a corporate entity, whom special provisions give legal capacity to, who places an Order as part of the Shop;
  2. Regulations – This Regulations on Digital Service Availability as part of FakeIDworld.com online shop;
  3. Merchandise – the products presented at the Online Shop;
  4. Sale agreement – sale agreement concerning the Merchandise within the meaning of the Civil Code, made between the Seller and the Client via Online Shop.
  5. Order – a declaration of client’s intent, directly aimed at entering into a Sale Agreement, which specifically specifies the kind and the amount of the Merchandise.
  6. Offer – Information concerning the Merchandise, published on the Shop’s website, specifically its description, technical and application parameters and prices (stand for an invitation to enter into an agreement, as specified in the article 71 of the Civil Code).

§ 3.

Rules for using the Online Shop

  1. The use of the online shop is possible when the telecommunication and IT system, which is used by the Client, fulfills the nominal technical requirements. In order to use the online shop, the Client should provide by oneself the access to a computerized station connected to the Internet. A limitation of the access of placing orders could occur if during the registration the Client provided data, which is inaccurate or false, all over the lot or out-of-date, misleading or violating the rights of third parties.
  1. In order to ensure secure transfer of communications and data in connection with the provided services as part of the website, the online Shop takes every technical and organizational measures to prevent any unauthorized extraction and modification of personal data, and to make sure, that the online Shop is being used in accordance with the mandatory provisions of law of the Republic of Poland, provisions of the Regulations and the general rules of using the Internet.

§ 4.

Sale agreement

  1. In order to enter a Sale Agreement via Online Shop, The Client has to choose the merchandize and its amount by taking up actions according to the displayed communications and the information available on the website, by adding merchandize to the cart.
  2. The order fulfillment is preceded by filling the order form, available on Online Shop’s website, by:- Providing the data, which is to be printed on the card,- Adding a photo in the form of an attached file,

– Providing the personal data of the individual placing the order
– Recipient’s address
– Defining the way of shipment and pay method
– Choosing merchandise/product offered by the online Shop.

  1. The Client is obliged to read and accept the Regulations before placing an order.
  2. The ordered merchandise is being individuated upon Client’s request and in a way defined by the Client.
  3. The seller does not take any responsibility for the data provided by the Client, however, the seller has the right to refuse fulfilling the order or to put it on hold, if client’s actions violates the law or the rights of third parties.
  4. The client has the right to modify the entered data in terms of choosing the merchandise or continuing the purchase. Finalizing the process of placing an order and providing all the necessary data will result in displaying the summary of the placed order including the following information: a) the subject of the order b) the amount of the ordered merchandise
  5. c)  individual and total price of the ordered merchandise
  6. d)   shipment costs
  7. e)   pay method
  8. f)    way of shipment and delivery time
  9. After the Order is placed, the Client receives an e-mail, including the final confirmation of all the vital elements of the Order, which confirms entering the agreement. The vital provisions of the Sale Agreement of the Merchandise are being confirmed by sending a bill or Vat invoice c/o Client’s e-mail address and by attaching the printed copy of those documents to the parcel.

§ 5.

Shipment and delivery time

  1. The merchandise will be delivered to the address provided by the Client during the Order placement, via delivery company chosen by the Client.
  2. Delivery takes up to 7 working days starting with the day of posting the bank transfer. The delivery on the territory of Poland takes up to 3 working days starting with the day of expediting the merchandise.

§ 6.

Prices and pay methods

  1. The Prices are expressed in PLN and consist of all the elements, including the Value Added Tax.
  2. The Client has the following option of paying a fee:
    – via transfer to the bank account of the online shop

§ 7.

Customer complaints

  1. The Seller is responsible towards the Client, who is the consumer within the meaning of the art. 22[1] of the Civil Code, for nonconformity of goods with contract, within the scope specified by the Consumer Rights Act.
  2. The client has the right to place a complaint in case of coming across defects in material and workmanship, and is obliged to immediately report any abnormalities or function cuts concerning the Online Shop (in a digital or written form, including first and last name, forwarding address, type and date of the disturbance concerning the functioning of the shop). The Client has the right to return or exchange the merchandise, or to receive a discount.

§ 8.

Final Provisions

  1. The settlement of possible disputes arose between the Online Shop and the Client will be carried out in line with general principles.
  2. To all matters not settled herein provision of the Civil code – the Act of April the 23rd1964 (Journal of laws consolidated in 2014, pos. 121 as amended) shall apply;

–  The Act of May the 30th2014 concerning the consumers rights (Journal of laws 2014, pos. 827);

  • The Act of July the 18th2002 concerning providing digital services (Journal of laws consolidated in 2013, pos. 1422, as amended);
  1. By accepting the Seller’s Regulations, The Buyer states, in accordance with the applicable law, that He or She cannot and will not use the cards as a proof of identity as it is strictly forbidden.
  2. The shop of FakeIDworld.com reports that, the offered cards are not the proofs of identity, do not bear any resemblance to the official documents, and graphically differ from them.
    We do not take any responsibly for possible crimes committed with the use of the cards.